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These Simple Tips Will Help You To Quit Your Day Job In The Long Run.

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I have a plan. What is the saying, “Begin with the end in mind.”? As you visualize your goals and desires, it is essential that you set yourself up for success from the beginning. You do that by picturing what you hope to accomplish and imagining what the result is going to look like. And because of the quote as mentioned earlier and due to the law of attraction I should have nothing to worry about right?? �

Well, it is not necessarily that simple. However, I don’t care. I am beginning my journey to becoming my boss and being a successful entrepreneur. I know I am not the only one that has this same goal. Entrepreneurship is at an all-time high right now with more opportunities than ever to create the lifestyle that will ultimately make you feel successful. In whatever form that may be, I am right here with you.


Nearly everyone dreams of quitting his or her day job, whether it's tomorrow, next year or in the next decade. However, there is a wide chasm between "dreams" and "action" that many people never seem to cross -- and it's usually due to finances.
Obviously, if you want to quit, you need to find another way to make enough income to pay your bills, save for the future and enjoy life. But what's the best way to do this? How can you make enough "side income" now so you can quit your job in the near future?

I will share my masterplan with you, however, you do not have to follow in my footsteps, you can only use my plan as a reference point.

Success requires that you believe in yourself 110 percent, 25 hours of every day. For some, this belief comes naturally. For others, it must be learned and can take years of practice. Here’s how these billionaires, icons and world-class performers accelerated the process of developing an unshakeable self-belief.

We will talk briefly on how to believe in yourself and your dreams.

Win in your mind first:

You need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Without vision, you cannot do anything but when you constantly visit your vision, you are winning in your mind because you are feeding it your dreams.

Uncover the cause of temporary disbelief:
There are days you will not believe in yourself and that is okay. However, find a way to identify the reason and cause of that your temporary weakness and look for a way to counter it.

Be maniacal in your beliefs:
Self-belief means being willing to go against societal norms and some very aggressive incumbents with vaster resources than yours. Be maniacal in your beliefs and determination. Only then will you truly believe in yourself

Stay enthusiastic:
Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” Keep stepping up. Those who control their emotions and treat failure positively control their destiny! Failure is only one less way to try, do not give up!

Develop competence:
The brain needs to feel competent so it can trigger the confident exterior result. Get better at stuff. Build practical skills. Learn programming and public speaking. Get in the gym. Learn a sport like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And get great at it.
Be really good at any business you want to venture into, develop your skills, develop your knowledge, you will find you will be a lot more confident in your idea and yourself.

Magnify your unfair advantage
I haven’t met one person who doesn’t have an unfair advantage. To uncover your unfair advantage, take out a note, write down every win you’ve ever had in your life and put them on a wall.

Take stock of what you see. Put the top five to 10 accomplishments on your phone’s home screen. Look at yourself every morning and remember why you’re incredible: You’ve got the unfair advantage that can’t be replicated. Now find a way to use this advantage for your business idea. Integrate it into your plans, if it is practical with the idea, then make sure you continue developing your advantage (strength) maniacally. Most times it is better to develop your advantage/strengths to a formidable level before you start working on your weaknesses, well, except the weakness makes you a ticking time bomb for your business.

Keep working at it
If you don’t master your mind, it will master you, sabotaging your purpose, business and finances.
Keep your eyes on the vision you want to create. Listen to your intuition and build your intuitive intelligence. Most successful people work innovatively from their gut instincts.

Eliminate analysis paralysis and second-guessing yourself. Focus your attention only on what you want with great positivity, bringing you into positive consciousness. Otherwise, you’ll downward spiral into the five D’s we do to ourselves: Doubting, Disbelieving, Diminishing, Discounting and Dismissing (which destroys your self-esteem and sense of worth)
Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people. Success is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Hire creative people who you vibe with and nourish your vision. Believe in yourself. Believe in your power. Believe and you will achieve. you can see a step by step guide i wrote about side hustle that can help you to quit your day job. kindly check the source.

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